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Rehabilitation Clinic of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University was opened in 2018. The organizer and the head of the clinic was Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Liakh Yurii Yeremiiovych. Since 2019 the Clinic has been headed by, Ulianytska Nataliia Yaroslavivna.

The establishment of the Rehabilitation Clinic is caused by the need of the labor market for qualified specialists in physical therapy and ergotherapy, since the training of such specialists requires practical skills in the use of various methods and means of rehabilitation. The University Rehabilitation Clinic is not only an important component of the educational process but also a base for scientific research of teachers and postgraduate students of the department.

The main tasks and directions of the clinic's activity are to organize and provide rehabilitation assistance to ambulatory patients with disorders of the musculo-skeletal system; development and implementation of rehabilitation technologies and maximum use of modern information technologies.

Thanks to the grant activity, the clinic is provided with up-to-date equipment modeled on the best European healthcare facilities.

The clinic staff maintains close contacts with leading scientists and doctors of Ukraine and Europe and actively participates in conferences, congresses, symposia. In cooperation with the German Foundation “Memory, responsibility, future” - Meeting place: Dialogue / EVZ Stifung Erinnerung, Verantwortung, Zukunft –Treffpunkt Dialog, project “Increasing physical activity of elderly people through healthy lifestyles and communication with young people is implemented »(The total cost of the project is 10,000.00 EUR).

Thanks to the support of the Czech Government in the framework of the project "Improvement of the rehabilitation and methodological process through the modernization of physiotherapy equipment at Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University" (total cost of the project - 15583,45 EUR) the rehabilitation clinic was equipped with the most up-to-date technical equipment.

The clinic cooperates with such Lutsk health care institutions such as: Volyn Regional Clinical Hospital, Volyn Regional Children's Hospital, Lutsk Educational and Rehabilitation Center, Volyn Center for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children, Lutsk Geriatric Boarding House. Volyn Regional Hospital of War Veterans.

In the clinic there are the departments of physiotherapy, ergotherapy and physical therapy, telemedicine, exercise therapy, balneology.

The physiotherapy unit is designed to provide a comprehensive therapy for patients. Treatment is carried out in accordance with modern principles and standards of physiotherapy. There are such types of physiotherapy procedures as galvanization, darsonvalisation, UHF therapy, amplipulstherapy (electrostimulation), electrophoresis of medicinal substances, electrosonics, diadinamotherapy, magnetotherapy, ultrasound therapy, local UV radiation. The physiotherapist is advised by the patient department, who prescribes or adjusts the volume and types of physiotherapy treatment.

The work of the LFK department provides qualified medical care by the method of therapeutic physical training in the rehabilitation of patients. Group classes are held to familiarize patients with therapeutic exercise, wellness systems and programs.

The establishment of a telemedicine unit has greatly expanded the clinic's ability to provide counseling and treatment. It is through tele-rehabilitation techniques that clinically controls and diagnoses patients using remote communication, which greatly speeds up the process and increases its efficiency.

The Department of Physical Therapy and Ergotherapy specializes in the recovery of patients of various categories. Treatment is carried out by using the methods of kinesitherapy, in particular, pendant therapy, mechanotherapy. Patients are provided medical care by highly qualified specialists. The rehabilitation process in the department is provided with modern simulators including rehabilitation complexes, cage for hanging therapy, pendulum and rotary type simulators.

The balneology department is currently undergoing reconstruction.

Practical training of specialists on the basis of the clinic allowed to create a multidisciplinary team and combine pedagogical, research and medical processes.


Head of Rehabilitation Clinic

Ulianytska Nataliia Yaroslavivna - Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Human Health and Physical Therapy.


Deputy Head of Clinical and Rehabilitation

Yakobson Olena Oleksandrivna - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Human Health and Physical Therapy.



Lutsk, Yaroschuk st. 30


tel. 0505539523 Ulianytska Nataliia Yaroslavivna

tel. 0507450897 Yakobson Olena Oleksandrivna