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Structure of university

At the present time the structure of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University comprises 7 institutes and 9 faculties, as well as 76 departments. More than 14,000 students and auditors study at our University.

Volyn Department of Junior Academy of Sciences (JAS) successfully functions at the EENU. In terms of prizewinners, our Regional Department holds the best performance in Pan-Ukrainian Students Research Paper Defense Competition among other regional departments of JAS in Ukraine.

Over the course of its more than 60-year history, the Library of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University has become one of the largest in Volyn oblast. Today it is a modern training and supportive, informational, scientific, as well as cultural and educational subunit of the University. The Library provides printed resources and informational documents for faculty, students, as well as staff of structural subunits of the University.

The Library’s collection includes more than 740,000 items of educational, scientific, popular scientific, fiction and reference literature, as well as rare books, monographs and periodicals in all disciplines. The collection of traditional printed resources is supplemented by electronic materials. A vast network of specialized reading rooms and a lending library are at the users’ service.

Modern development of the Library is connected with the introduction of new information technologies and automation of library processes, which is provided by the current automated library information system "UFD / Library".

Over the course of its existence, the EENU has established his own publishing house. The Information and Publishing Centre comprises press service, editorial board, typing pool staff, printing house and editorial board of periodicals.

The Sanatorium-dispensary of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University was established in 2003. It includes balneology department, physical therapy rooms, a gym for physiotherapy and a colon hydrotherapy room. Our Health Centre also comprises a room for information therapy and diagnostics, as well as an ultrasonography laboratory. The purpose of the Sanatorium-dispensary is to provide rehabilitation and preventive medicine for faculty, staff and students. The Center is equipped with the latest technology. Highly qualified doctors work here. And all that makes it possible to maintain a high level of service.

Students of our University are intellectual and creative youth elite of Volyn. And that is proved by numerous scientific and problem groups and circles, specialized societies and organizations existing at the University. In the Institute of Philology and Journalism Student Club “Prometheus” successfully functions. The Club promotes general literature and cultural values, as well as provides career guidance for young people regarding choosing philology specialties when entering university.

For over two years Political Science Club has been operating as a form of student government at the History Faculty. Activity of the Club includes debates, round tables and conferences.

Volunteer Club “At the Call of the Heart” was founded in 1999 by teachers and students of the Faculty. Activity of the Club is aimed at the developing of social institutions, helping the disadvantaged and the socially vulnerable, especially youth and the underaged.

The legal clinic “Ad Astra” of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University is a student legal organization, which solves several tasks at the same time: introduces the elements of practical work into education, creates the technical and information address database (legal library), and provides legal services to the citizens of Volyn.

The theater-studios have been working at Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University for 10 years. Young participants master acting skills here. Specifically, “Syniy ptakh” has participated in many national and international festivals, has put on compositions based on works by Lesya Ukrainka and performances based on plays by local authors.

The journalist studio “Maysternya publitsysta” has brought together the students of our university who are planning to link their fate with work in the mass media. The participants of the studio are published in the regional and national periodicals, have the opportunity to work on probation in the editorial offices of leading newspapers and magazines.

It is important for education of the young generation to familiarize students with the traditions of the EENU and to give visual demonstrations of the displays at the specialized museums in the learning process.

Founded in 2001-2002, The Museum of History of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University makes it possible to show the evolution of the institution since its creation in 1946 as a pedagogical institute – the first higher education establishment in Volyn – till its nowadays status of a classical university.

The pride of the EENU is the museum of our glorious compatriot Lesya Ukrainka, the opening of which became a significant event in the cultural life of Volyn. Over a thousand of rare exhibits, which were collected by more than one generation of lecturers and students, are arranged in a large hall.

The museum of sport glory was created in 1994 in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Faculty of Physical Education. Cups and medals, certificates and diplomas reflect the achievements of our athletes, among who there are a lot of participants of the Olympiads, world and European champions and prize-winners of Spartakiads in various sports.

On the basis of historical faculty are functioning the museum of archaeology and the museum of ethnography of Volyn and Polissia. In the museum of archaeology, which was opened in 1977, has found its reflection the ancient history of our land. The exhibits of many eras – from the Stone Age to the late Middle Ages – are presented here. The museum of ethnography has more than 400 displays: tools and other household items.

There is also a primary trade union organization of students of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University – a voluntary non-profit public organization, which unites students of the EENU on a voluntary basis. The purpose of the student trade union is to represent, implement and protect the labor, social and economic rights and interests of its members. The trade union protects the right of its members to study; represents the rights and interests of students in relation to the leadership of the university; in case of need, organizes and conducts mass meetings, marches and demonstrations; organizes cultural and educational work among the union members; organizes health improvement and recreation for the union members.