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 Dean of the Institute of Foreign Philology, PhD, Associate professor

Oksana Rogach was born inLutsk, Volyn region. She obtained her secondary education at school №7 inLutsk, and her higher education  - at the faculty of the English language at the Kyiv State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages (now – Kyiv National Linguistic University).

Her teaching career at the university she started as a junior teacher of Conversational English at the department of Conversational English and then at the department of Applied Linguistics. In 1996 she took post graduate courses at the Institute of the Ukrainian language at the National Academy of Science ofUkraine. In 2000 she successfully defended a PhD thesis under the topic  “Structural and Semantic Peculiarities of Idioms Containing Ethnic Names”, speciality – 10.02.15 – theoretical linguistics. After that she continued her work at the department of Applied Linguistics as a senior teacher and  in 2004-05 was its chairperson. In 2006 she was elected to be a dean of the Faculty of Romance Germanic Philology (now –Institute of Foreign Philology) and since that time she has been occupying that position.

Her scientific interests are  - theoretical and practical questions of phraseology and translation, the study of national and social stereotypes and their role in the cross-cultural communication, experimental methods of study of language units of different levels.