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Головний корпус ВНУ (корпус А)
The main building of the University A

Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University is one of the leading centres of higher education in the region, a nucleus of education, science and culture in Volyn.

The origins of Volyn’s educational traditions date back to the period when Russia and Ukraine formed a single nation. Reading and writing were taught in monasteries and churches, and it is probable that a knowledge of the Slavic script was instilled by teachers at the Church of St. John the Apostle in Lutsk. Lutsk books of acts and decrees from the second half of the sixteenth and the first half of the seventeenth centuries confirm the proliferation of "ecclesiastical/juridical dynasties."

In the approximate period between 1620 and 1640, Ivan Vyhovsky, who would later become a hetman of Ukraine, served in the local chancellery of Lutsk. In 1608, educational interchange in Lutsk was enriched by the establishment of a Jesuit college. In about 1619 a "Greek, Latin and Slovenian" school was opened within the Lutsk Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. In the eighteenth century, various schools appeared in Volyn; Vasylii the Great (of the Vasylian fathers), in particular, established a three-grade primary school (with classes in poetics and rhetoric) within the Lutsk Vasylian Monastery. In the latter third of the eighteenth century, educational endeavours were enriched by the addition of curricula in mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, law, history, French and German.мов. 

The Volyn governorate had a developed school network by 18301831. Approximately 100 parish primary schools and 14 secondary schools were in operation here.

The development of school-related and scientific research patterns in these periods culminated in the development of a developed educational system, which harmoniously combined the achievements of local and European school traditions. In 1895, a four-form boys’ school was established, and in 1908, an eight-form boys’ specialized school [‘gymnasium’]. The first Ukrainian four-grade public school was founded in 1916 in Volodymyr-Volynskyi. By 1919–1920, their number had increased to 367. Gymnasia [specialized schools] and profession-oriented educational institutions were constructed.

Lutsk Teachers' Institute, founded in April 1940, became the first higher pedagogical educational institution in the Volyn region. Having begun by training teachers to work in schools with incomplete secondary education, it gradually became a leading center of scientific, cultural and social life of the Volyn region.

Today, this classical university, which is accredited at the fourth (highest) level, includes 14 faculties and 3 institutes, as well as the Professional College of Technology, Business and Law as a structural units of the University since 2009. Functioning with the University are the EU Information Centre, the Institute of Poland, the ‘Dovira’ Volunteer Centre, and a number of museums, such as the Museum of Lesya Ukrainka, the Archaeology Museum, the Museum of Volyn and Polissya Ethnography, and the Museum of Lesya Ukrainka University History. Each year our University enrols students to study within 59 bachelor’s degree specializations comprising 72 programs of study, and 54 master’s degree specializations comprising 69 programs of study. Last year the specialization of Medicine was introduced.

Postgraduate and doctoral studies are carried out in 12 areas of study.


Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University is famous for its professionalism and for the achievements of its research and educational personnel. Throughout the history of the university, the staff has worked tirelessly to test innovative methods in the organization of the educational process, to improve the quality of education offered, and to enhance the prestige of Volyn research schools on the national and international levels. The teaching staff includes 109 Professors and Doctors of Sciences, more than 500 ‘Candidates’ [Ph.D.-level] of Sciences and Associate Professors.

Of all institutions in the region, this university provides the best opportunities for student academic mobility. More than 100 students are currently studying at no cost under the Double Diploma program. Young people obtain an education and receive two diplomas simultaneously, at our university and at another abroad. In Polish and Lithuanian universities in particular, it is possible to be enrolled in the following specialized fields: Ecology, Biotechnology, Biology, Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Physics, Computer Science in Management and Computer Science and Econometrics , Informatics and Mathematics, Culture in the Media and Communication, Social Work, Tourism and Recreation, and Business Economics. Negotiations to set up similar arrangements are underway with German and Hungarian universities.

Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University is the best in Ukraine in terms of development. This past year in the ranking of "Top 200 Ukraine" universities, our university rose by 17 places. According to the "Webometrics" international rating, the institution improved its position by 92 points and rose from 124th to 34th place; and in the consolidated rating, from 37th to 32nd place. This represents significant progress, because each of these ratings has a very complex method of calculation, which is influenced only by qualitative indicators and indicators of the educational, research and international activities of teaching and administrative staff and students.

Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University provides marvellous opportunities for the self-development of young people. Updated curricula enable each students to choose up to 25 % of the subjects which they will study. Depending on their preferences, students can engage in scientific work; take part in scientific conferences, student groups, and ‘Olympiad’ academic competitions; to be socially active, to work on the student council, to get involved in volunteer work; and to demonstrate their abilities in organizational work. Appropriate conditions for sports activities have been established.

Only Lesya Ukrainka University provides supplementary scholarships within the framework of the joint program with the Igor Palytsa Foundation "Only Together" program that is named "Talents are Developing in Volyn". The 2020 program provided 50 grants for entrants who were entering the university, having at least one subject in the external evaluation of 200 points, as well as those who, on the basis of the consolidated ranking of entrants were among the top fifty. During the first semester of study, the recipients of these grants were charged a fee of 1,500 hryvnias per month.

Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University has established the best record in terms of the development of elements of dual education and employment opportunities. A program has been launched to form joint laboratories involving the university and the top firms and establishments of the Volyn region which are engaged in business. Students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology, Information Technology and Mathematics, History, Political Science and National Security, Economics and Management are actively involved in this process. The establishment of such laboratories brings about a closer link between classroom instruction and practical workplace requirements. Partners then have the opportunity to select the best employees.

The university has one of the best in terms of its infrastructure. An ongoing classroom renovation program is maintained and a significant amount of modern laboratory equipment has been purchased. The institution has six dormitories of its own. Our students study and live in comfortable conditions.